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Travel through the vineyards and villages of the Côte des Blancs on your retro bike. The Bullecyclette walk of approximately 20km is punctuated by four stops where you will be offered swing music, champagne and a full meal. Take the time to discover or rediscover the Champagne landscapes in a festive and retro spirit, typical of the 1950s.
With the purchase of a place you will benefit from a bag in which you will find a champagne glass, as well as an explanatory booklet. You will consume during the walk: 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 coffee, 1 snack and 4 glasses of Champagne.

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the trip


Cyclists of all genders, all levels and all ages can participate



To participate at the Bullecyclette you will need to bring your own retro bike. This must be built before 1987. If you don't have a retro bike? you can rent one when booking your ticket.


Ladies and gentlemen, to be in the theme you will need to spruce up your retro outfit. Take out your best pairs of suspenders from the attics, refine your mustache, find a dress with a retro cut, make your best lipstick, in short, have fun creating a 1950s outfit.


In our desire to make the event as clean as possible, we recommend that you should bring your own reusable water bottle. You can refill it at each stop.



Coopérative des Grappes d’Or

16 ter rue des Grappes d'Or 51190 OGER

03 26 57 55 79

Champagne Gimonnet-Gonet

Le Bas des Auges 51190 LE MESNIL SUR OGER

09 82 29 93 15

Champagne Arthur et Agathe Sanchez

21 TER AV du Général de Gaulle 51130 BLANCS-COTEAUX / VERTUS

03 26 59 44 36

Champagne Michel TURGY

Le 17 Rue de l’Orme 51190 Le Mesnil-sur-Oger

03 26 57 53 43


Jeannick Liebert
Guitard player
L'Harmonie des Tonneliers d'Epernay
Swing Shady
Jazz and pop manouche
Le bal à Jojo
Barrel Organ

ticket office

With the purchase of a place, you will benefit from the right of access to the bike ride and will obtain a bag in which you will find a champagne glass and an explanatory booklet.
You will consume during the ride: 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 coffee, 1 snack and 4 glasses of Champagne.

There will be two starting waves of 250 people for the bike ride: the first at 10 a.m. and the second at 10:30 a.m. You will choose yours when purchasing your place.
If you come in a group: consult each other to be able to register for the same departure time slot. If this is no longer possible, you can still find yourself at the first stop.

The ticket office is open from March 1 to May 31, with a limit of 500 places sold.


During the bike ride you will not need money, everything is included in your place.
You will however need a reusable water bottle that you can refill at each stop and a repair kit in the event of a puncture or other for your bike.
To find out all the practical information click here


Eco-responsible event

Waste minimization, Cycling = zero carbon
Promoting local products

Promote artisanal and culinary richness from our region.
Friendly and inclusive event

Event for everyone, even people with disabilities
Second hand promotion

No new purchase of equipment,only second hand or loan!
Promotion of the champagne landscape

Highlighting the built and landscape heritage of our region
Sharing a Champagne-style art of living


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